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Income Tax Planning and Reduction Strategies

Income Tax Planning: Preparing for tomorrow and making the most of today

At RFG, our team is passionate about helping our clients reduce their income tax obligation. By utilizing both popular and little-known income tax planning strategies, we ensure that our clients have done all they can to reduce their income tax obligation and maximize their income tax planning opportunities for the future.

Tax Preparation is not Tax Planning - Tax preparation deals with what has already happened in the past (the previous year or years). Tax Planning looks forward to utilize all available methods to reduce taxes in the future. A formal and regimented tax planning protocol is important to ensure that when the new year comes around, you have minimized your tax obligation.

March is too late to plan - When you meet with your CPA in March or April of next year, it will be too late to do much more than just pay your tax bill. Once the calendar turns to the new year, your options are minimal. Clients who do not have formal yearly income tax planning performed for them run the risk of not only paying too much in income taxes but also missing out on opportunities.

Industry-specific knowledge - At our firm, we perform income tax planning throughout the year. We delved deeply into the tax code on your behalf. There are opportunities to not only reduce your income tax bill but to potentially reduce your income tax bracket as well.

Working together for you - If you are fortunate to have a CPA who performs income tax planning for you, we will work with your CPA to ensure you are doing all you can to reduce your income tax bill. Two heads are better than one, wouldn’t you agree?

Please let us help you make a potentially significant difference in your planning by hiring our firm to be your partner in financial, investment, and income tax planning. We feel you will notice the difference in our firm’s approach to financial planning with our high-touch, high-impact method of wealth management.

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