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The RFG Second-Opinion Service

Resource Financial Group offers a variety of services to help you pursue your financial goals, including:

The RFG Second-Opinion Service

With all the complexity and volatility in today's financial markets, many investors are unsure of what to do now.  We offer our second-opinion service in order to help investors make informed and prudent financial decisions.

The RFG Second-Opinion Service is a complimentary, no-obligation, review of your financial situation. We begin by taking you through our discovery process in order to get a clear picture of your current financial situation and goals. We then examine any gaps that may need to be filled. 

At the conclusion of our Second-Opinion review, one of three things will occur:

Stay the course: We determine that you are in good shape and on course to achieve your financial objectives. We will advise you to maintain the status quo and continue working with your current advisors.

Introduce you to someone who can help: We discover gaps in your current plan and believe there are steps you can take to improve your current situation, however we do not work with clients in your particular situation.  We will recommend an advisor who specializes in helping people with your particular needs.

Build a relationship: We discover gaps in your current plan and feel we could provide a significant advantage over your current situation. We would then explore the idea of establishing a relationship to work together toward your financial goals.

If you feel you can benefit from an expert inspection of your financial situation, please call our office (847-256-7495) to schedule your RFG Second-Opinion Service.

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