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Business Owners and Our Strategic Business Process

Planning for the Future of a Small Business... 
Small business owners struggle with many issues. Because each small business owner has different goals, planning for their business has to be all the more specific. Effective financial planning for a small business could mean the difference between failure and success. There are many things a small business owner needs to consider but doesn’t. For instance, 30% of small business owners haven’t calculated how much money they will need in retirement, and more than 75% of small business owners lack a formal plan for transferring their business to a new owner when approaching retirement*. We are here to help you with these issues and to guide our small business clients towards thoughtful and efficient planning.

Is Securing Your Personal Financial Future
For many small business owners, your business is your retirement plan.  However, this all-your-eggs-in-one-basket approach can be dangerous for a number of reasons. The primary reason for concern: relying solely on the liquidation of your business to sustain you through retirement, and if your business falters, your wealth goes with it.

At Resource Financial Group, we can help you choose your retirement plan and invest your money to make sure it aligns with your goals, regardless of the direction your business takes. On a business and personal level, we can help determine the nature of your needs, the urgency of your needs, and the risk involved. We can also evaluate the state of development your business is in, the state of your industry, and how your financial plan lines up with your business plan. We vet and connect you with the attorneys, CPAs, Insurance Specialists, and other professionals necessary to support you so that you can focus on your business.

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