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Investment Management

Investment Management: Planning and Analysis

Investment planning, coupled with an ongoing tailored analysis, is crucial in deriving the maximum benefits and wealth from your investment portfolio.

Resource Financial Group offers a variety of services to help you pursue your financial goals, including:

  • Design your “Personal Financial Blueprint” – a customized financial plan and implementation strategy. We create and manage custom investment portfolios designed to fit your needs and goals.

  • Periodic “Wealth Plan Review” reports provide a review and update of your current status.

  • Regular Monte Carlo simulations and analysis – a method for evaluating various factors that impact an investment portfolio to determine the probability of success for your wealth plan and "Life-Long Income".

  • Regular meetings to review your investment performance, update your overall financial objectives and reallocate your portfolio as necessary.

  • Implement our ongoing Strategic Portfolio Management Process. This four-part process includes:

    • Gap Analysis -  Sometimes lost opportunities in self-planning are created by a lack of industry-specific knowledge. Do you know where your gaps are?

    • Asset Allocation - Not all funds are created equal. This part of the process allows us to understand your timeline and tailor the strategic planning process to you and your needs.

    • Rebalancing and Reporting Progress - This continual monitoring of your investments ensures they are performing as expected.

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