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Retirement Planning and IRA Distribution Analysis

Retirement Planning and IRA Distribution Analysis: What is your retirement Strategy?

People often think of retirement in abstract terms – far away, undefined, difficult to envision. As a result, more people are unprepared to retire than ever before – most people have not put enough toward their own retirement. 

Resource Financial Group helps you plan a secure and comfortable retirement with the following offerings:

  • Customized Service - Ongoing customized strategy to determine which of your investments to access to fund your income needs and maintain your desired standard of living.
  • Taking care of your family - Review your retirement plan beneficiary designations to ensure your funds are inherited by your intended beneficiaries.
  • Tax deferral questions answered - Guidance establishing inherited IRAs to continue the tax deferral of your IRA by your beneficiaries after your lifetime.
  • Social Security, Medicare, and more - Analysis of your Social Security options and recommendation of strategies to receive benefits.

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